Finance new furniture with credit?

Do you need or want new furniture? For your first own apartment, the new house or simply because your taste in furniture has changed? There are many reasons to buy furniture, some are certainly urgent, for example if the “inherited” kitchen does not want to after a few decades. Or the sofa is less comfortable after all, you are more concerned with “Well, if it holds up again today?”.

Are you dreaming of new furniture? A furniture loan will help you finance this dream.

However, when new furniture needs to be purchased, the view remains in the savings stocking. If there is little in there because Grandma’s birthday slip gave a wonderful evening with friends instead of walking into the piggy bank as Grandma imagined, then other solutions have to be considered.

If you have a regular income, you have the option of financing the furniture purchase with a loan. This is only the second best solution, because with a loan you always pay interest and fees in addition to the borrowed amount. If you accept that, a loan is a quick fix.

What can I finance with a furniture loan?

What can I finance with a furniture loan?

Basically, you can finance every piece of furniture, every complete interior with a loan, almost completely once the home furnishings, for example:

  • in the living room the sofa, the dining table, the wall unit, also fine carpets, showcases etc.
  • in the bathroom the bathroom furniture or the renovation of the bathroom
  • new kitchen furniture in the kitchen
  • in the bedroom the bed, the wardrobe or the entire bedroom
  • the nursery.

Where can I get a loan for the furniture?

Where can I get a loan for the furniture?

Basically every furniture store also offers the possibility to finance the furniture. But the furniture dealers all work with banks, so they don’t finance the furniture directly for you. Common banking partners are, for example, the CC Bank or the Santander Bank.

As with all financing, the following also applies when buying furniture on credit: Compare the conditions!
If a dealer offers you 0% financing without any ifs and buts, ie without “hidden” surcharges or fees and with a real effective annual interest rate of 0%, so that you only pay back the loan amount that you have borrowed, then take action!

In all other cases, compare! Use the Internet, use our website to get an up-to-date overview of the best conditions for your furniture loan.
You do not have to use the furniture retailer’s credit, you can also act as a cash payer when buying furniture and like to bargain for discounts. And of course that also works with the “cash” that you borrowed cheaply, for example, via an instant loan for your furniture purchase on the Internet.

What else needs to be considered for the financing of the furniture?

What else needs to be considered for the financing of the furniture?

Have you decided to buy furniture via credit? Then we summarize the most important tips and tips for financing your new furniture with a loan:

  • Always compare offers from different loan providers.
  • Don’t just compare the percentages, see what you actually pay in USD and cents and how long.
  • Are special payments for the loan possible?
  • Is it possible to suspend the rates if something does come up?
  • Choose short terms for fast-moving furniture. Remember that if you finance the new couch, for example, over 8 years, then you pay a loan for a couch on which you may no longer be sitting.
  • Never finance “on a knife’s edge”! If your financial means do not allow you to finance a loan, let it go, however difficult it may be!

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