Small income loan | What are the conditions to meet

If you only have a small monthly income, unexpected urgent purchases or bills are more difficult to pay than a borrower with a sufficiently high income. This clientele is also at a disadvantage with banks, because banks only grant loans if the general conditions are right. Anyone looking for a low-income loan must meet these conditions.

Small income loan – the outlook

Small income loan - the outlook

If you have to make do with little money a month, unexpected financial situations are often a heavy blow. There is an invoice to pay, the amount of which the customer did not expect, the washing machine is breaking right now and, last but not least, the money for the child’s school trip has to be raised. Usually, low earners make ends meet despite little income. Many have simply learned what it means to save.

As experts advise, reserves should be built up, which is actually not possible for a low-income earner. The financial resources are just enough for the most urgent costs of living. From this situation, a loan with a low income is then sought.

In most cases, before banks approve a loan, they draw up an income / expenditure plan. In this plan all income and expenses are listed and compared. In the best case scenario, there is a plus so that a loan with a small income could be managed.

But whoever earns so little that not even a attachable part of the income can be seen is the end of a loan with a small income. A loan with a low income can only be approved if the customer can provide collateral. A property or a loanable life insurance could serve as security, but a second borrower or guarantor is also possible.

The possibilities

The possibilities

For banks, it’s not just income that counts, as some customers might think. If you want a loan, its financial situation will be examined carefully. In addition to the income, the Credit Bureau is also queried. If, for example, negative entries are noted, this could also be a reason for rejecting the loan. Even if several loans or installments are to be paid, the bank sees from the Credit Bureau, in which all liabilities that a customer has to pay are saved.

If there is a loss of installments, a negative entry is made. Even if an invoice has not been paid on time and a reminder has already been sent, a negative entry will result. The Credit Bureau is therefore an important approval feature when granting a loan. The customer should carry out a personal Credit Bureau query anyway before submitting a loan application. This shows any entries that have already been completed and that could be deleted. This would improve the customer’s creditworthiness.

It is not necessarily said that a loan with sufficient income is granted sooner than with a small one. High-earners usually have a different standard of living than low earners. There are often several loans to be serviced, think of a real estate loan or a car loan. The bottom line is that sometimes a higher earner has no more than a low earner. Only earn so much too much and too little.

Those who earn little can definitely buy in retail stores. The financial situation is not seen as bad. The customer can buy his most urgent purchases locally in the furniture store or in the electronics market. If the customer has a flawless Credit Bureau, he receives a low-income loan from these companies on favorable terms. Just think of the 0% financing that some furniture stores or electronics stores offer.

The rules for such a loan are not so tight that a small income loan is also approved. However, not in cash but in the value of the goods. These are the property of the markets until final payment. If the customer is in default of payment, the goods will be picked up again without further ado.

The solution

The solution

However, if it has to be a cash loan, the loan seeker can name a second borrower or a guarantor. The customer should know that a guarantor must be fully informed about his guarantee. If the guarantor comes from a circle of relatives or acquaintances, there is actually a certain relationship of trust. Think of a parent’s guarantee for their child or grandparents for their grandchildren. Nevertheless, the guarantor is checked extensively. His income, Credit Bureau and a permanent job or a decent pension must match the bank’s credit conditions.

Even if the guarantor comes from the local area, he should know that a guarantee is a risk. Whenever the borrower can no longer pay, the guarantor is consulted and must repay the loan with his assets. The guarantor should also know that the guarantee is entered in the Credit Bureau, which may ruin or at least reduce his credit rating.

So a loan with a small income is not impossible, you just have to create the right conditions. The borrower should know that government benefits such as child benefit, parental benefit, housing benefit or other benefits are not counted as income. The money is paid monthly, but is not accepted by the bank.

Banks have a duty of care towards their customers. Granting a small income loan also requires foresight. If the customer draws their income from a self-employed activity and the bank targets the unemployment scenario, the bank knows that the loan seeker could not pay the loan with any unemployment benefit. This is quite possible for the better off.

However, there are banks that grant a loan with a pension of just under $ 900. If the rate is not set so high, then an installment payment can certainly be paid. But if rent, utilities and living expenses are to be paid from the 900 USD of income, the bottom line is that in most cases there will be a minus. In such a case, the bank acts irresponsibly.

Apply for a loan of over 8,000 USD.

Whether a loan amount of 8,000 USD is still included in small loans or medium-sized loans differs between the individual financial institutions and their regulations. It goes without saying that an 8000 USD loan is subject to stricter lending terms than a loan of around 2000 USD. Last but not least, it is only possible for a few consumers to switch to the overdraft facility with a required amount of 8000 USD, since the limit is usually much lower.

Basic conditions to get a loan amount of 8000 USD

Basic conditions to get a loan amount of 8000 USD

The basic requirement for an 8000 USD loan is that the borrower can repay the monthly installments with his disposable income. The amount of the monthly installments can in principle be reduced by extending the term of a loan agreement, but only a few financial institutions approve maturities of more than ten years for consumer loans. As a rule, it is advisable to take out an 8000 USD loan for two, since in this case the labor income of both applicants is liable for the repayment. The prerequisite is that both people have sufficient working income. The self-employed and employees of temporary employment agencies make sure that the bank they select does not generally exclude them as loan customers when applying for a loan of over 8,000 USD.

This is the case with some institutes and is usually the result of the terms and conditions published on the homepage. The inclusion of the entire income and not just the wages from the main job also makes it easier to take out a loan of over 8,000 USD. The approach of the individual credit banks in calculating their income is carried out in different ways and can in most cases also be found on the bank’s website. If the information is not clear there, you can ask for an anonymous call. Swiss financial institutions grant Credit Bureau-free loans, so that even negative entries do not generally prevent the loan being taken out.

However, your maximum loan amount is 5000 USD. Nevertheless, an 8000 USD loan without Credit Bureau is possible by the loan seeker submitting the application through an intermediary. Such a person will carry out his work seriously if he only demands an appropriate commission for successfully submitted loan applications and in no case preliminary costs. A private loan of over 8000 USD is possible in principle, but it needs to be subscribed by more than one lender. In order to reach the required number of credit signatories, careful information on the purpose is essential, because private individuals prefer to base their decisions on the specified use of funds and social criteria.

Compare the costs

Compare the costs

With an 8000 USD loan, the different interest rates of the individual institutions are more important than with lower amounts. For this reason, consumers make a cost comparison before signing a loan agreement for a sum of eight thousand USD. In addition to the interest costs, when deciding on a specific provider, consider the extent to which repayment can be made flexibly. The right to early repayment makes sense with a loan amount of 8,000 USD, as does the option to suspend at a rate per year if required.

For some banks, both agreements are part of a credit agreement and justify a reasonable interest premium over the cheapest loan offer. The key indicators for the price of a loan are the effective annual interest rate and the total costs. The credit costs inevitably increase with the term, since the interest for the 8000 USD loan is due annually.

Car loan despite home financing – even without problems


Use the connected credit comparison now. Immediately after the non-binding loan application, the immediate check provides planning security.

Your application obliges you to nothing, but it shows you the way to the right loan.

Car loan despite home finance – home loan

Car loan despite home finance - home loan

Home financing fulfills the dream of owning a home. Every homeowner is happy when he finally moves into his own four walls.

Car loan despite house financing – so that the space does not remain empty. But the purchases are not completed with this construction project. It is not uncommon for the car to “survive” the building without damage.

The decision to look for another car follows almost self-explanatory. This can be a new car or a used one. Depending on the financial situation of the borrower. The idea of ​​letting car loans flow into home finance rarely pays off. Because the “fresh” purchase or construction of the property often means that the mortgage lending value is exhausted. Saddling out more can quickly become expensive.

Moreover, the additional need could also result in the loan being rejected. Precisely because most people use different loans around the house.

As a result, the land register is basically well filled. It often says:

  • the house bank mortgage loan
  • a loan from Best Bank
  • as well as an ordinary installment loan for the additional costs. (Entries, notary, etc.)

It doesn’t make sense to include a car loan on top of that or to subordinate it. In most cases, it is more advantageous to finance the car loan separately despite the house financing.

What almost automatically follows the question of where to record from?

Car loan despite house financing – decide with care

Car loan despite house financing - decide with care

With whom the house financing is already running, you do not necessarily have to do without your car loan. A possible contact person would of course be the house bank. But, this variant is not necessarily the best. It is recommended to look for a cheap provider with a loan comparison.

Expensive offers can be excluded immediately, the focus is on cheap loans. Even if a mortgage has to be paid, a low-interest car loan can still work.

If the providers still charge too high interest rates, the loan with guarantor offers the simple approach of improving creditworthiness. Alternatively, it is worth looking at the offers for interest rates that are independent of creditworthiness. Basically, the safer the car loan appears to be despite the bank’s house financing, the less likely it is to raise concerns. On top of that, well-secured credit costs little interest.

Car Loan Despite Home Financing – Is There a Limit?

Car Loan Despite Home Financing - Is There a Limit?

It is quite common for borrowers to pay multiple loans. As a rule, the loan obligations can be assigned to different reasons. The combination – home loan and car loan – is almost a classic. But in most households there is more.

The hire purchase is often also on the list of payment obligations. Purchases, for example, from the electronics store or furniture store. Installment purchases hardly affect the overall balance. Because the rates are usually small, the term, however, is only very short.

So the number is not relevant when determining the limitation of loans. The focus is on other key figures such as:

  • the total monthly burden in relation to income
  • the budget surplus
  • as well as the repayment behavior

Paying on time always protects the score from falling. Current loans alone have practically no impact on credit bureau’s credit rating. The end of the car loan at the latest despite home financing is when overindebtedness threatens. No bank grants a loan to over-indebted borrowers.

Banks do not act arbitrarily unless they grant a loan to a borrower. You even have to convince yourself of the applicant’s solvency. This is how the bank prevents the loan default. In addition, the legislature even obliges all credit institutions to carry out a comprehensive check on the borrower’s creditworthiness.

If borrowers now think that they can better hide existing loans, that’s a shot in the oven. Because every bank queries credit bureau and the loans taken out are noted there.

Car loan despite home financing – credit rating

Car loan despite home financing - credit rating

The credit check is not an arbitrary procedure. Basically, all banks use the same scheme. The bank requests the score. It must meet the in-house requirements. It also checks income levels and income security. In addition, she creates a surplus calculation. (Budget accounts).

In order for there to be no car loan despite house financing, all of the above requirements must meet the bank’s requirements. The bank rewards applicants who have a particularly good credit rating in the balance of the test with low interest rates.

Overview of minimum requirements:

  • clean credit bureau / decent score
  • sufficiently high attachable income component
  • positive budget bill
  • permanent employment contract outside the trial period

The employment relationship should have existed for at least six months. The longer the better.

Car Loan Despite Home Financing – Financing

Car Loan Despite Home Financing - Financing

When financing a car, you should always consider whether it must be a new car or a good used one. Especially when a home loan has just been taken out, thrift is not stingy. If you can just pay off your house financing in this way, you should completely do without a car loan.

In difficult cases it is advisable to wait until the numbers look better.

Credit from the dealer – financed without interest

Credit from the dealer - financed without interest

If income and creditworthiness permit a car loan, the loan can come from a car dealer or a bank. Many car dealers wave the 0% financing. But car buyers should know that this financing is sometimes only available on certain models. In addition, the alleged savings were often added to the purchase price.

Car buyers have to look closely here. Better get an offer from the house bank and also from one of the many online banks. Incidentally, it is also interesting what the car costs when paying in cash. SZ has found that up to 30% price reductions are realistic on average for cash payers.

The car loan despite home financing – cleverly planned

The car loan despite home financing - cleverly planned

With or without a final installment, these questions have probably been asked by every car buyer. As a car loan in spite of home financing, the final installment loan naturally sounds tempting.

Finally, the necessary repayment can be “shifted” to the final installment. Because if the monthly charge is to remain extremely low, it is enough to pay the interest and the loss in value. Of course, only the big end comes at the end. The situation is different with a classic installment loan from a bank.

The advantage of car buyers is that they pay constant installments and a constant interest rate over the entire term of the loan. In other words, the car loan can be planned easily and securely. Offers for a dedicated car loan offer particularly favorable interest rates. But there is a small catch.

Dedicated car loan despite house financing is a vehicle loan with transferable ownership of the vehicle. Popularly known as a car loan with a vehicle letter. However, the car cannot then be sold without problems. After all, she is the owner until the loan is paid.

Conclusion in one sentence:

Regarding the costs and the variety of offers, the required car loan will probably come from the network despite home financing.